Mama V

Unexpected Roadblock

     One of the reasons we chose to begin our original paleo/primal dietary journey stemmed from the fact that our oldest son had tested as allergic to wheat, oats and mildly to dairy. During our first few months, his food allergy symptoms diminished and we thought that would be the end of it. After some time […]

Day Three

Here we are, day three. Hooray for carbohydrate, sugar, grain withdrawal….NOT! Seriously, who wants to suffer through this? Oh, wait, that would be ME! I do! Well, kind of. What I truly want is for this self-imposed suffering to END and it will. I have survived it numerous times before and I will survive it […]

Day One is Over and Done…

     Whew! We survived clean eating day one, again! I do not know why, but it gets harder and harder to ‘start over’ after we stray for any length of time. I have researched health, wellness and food choices enough to know that the foods most Americans are eating are unhealthy, addicting and dangerous, […]

Trial and Error and Error and….

Trial and Error and Error and…..

Trial and Error and Error and….

Well, you get the point. We have strayed far, far, away from our paleo/primal journey in the last year. I am not going to regurgitate the laundry list of ‘reasons’ we have allowed to hinder our journey. We made choices, POOR choices, that have resulted in our regression back to where we began two years ago.  […]

Getting back to it….

Well, by that I mean the blogging part of it all. As a family we have stuck to our lifestyle change and are doing quite well. This mom has lost 78 pounds total and dad has lost 50. The children are finding the Primal life a bit more challenging now that they are back to […]


Okay, so I know that it has been a while since I posted and I apologize, Summer has been crammed with activities and family time and, after all, it’s quality time with loved ones that matters most in this life. That said, school begins this week for my boys, sigh! I truly cannot believe that […]