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Meet Our Family

A little bit about us…

We are really just an average family, trying to navigate this crazy life together. Just a mom, dad and 4 amazing children. Two girls, 23 and 19. Two boys, 12 and 14.  All of us suffer from some health issues and need to remedy this quickly. Recently our 14-year-old so began displaying some mental health issues and in January began taking 4 medications that we really do not want to see him continue on, so part of this life change is dedicated to getting him off of the meds we never wanted to put him on in the first place. Our 12-year-old is on the Autism Spectrum and has halted developmentally, it is our hope that we will be able to help him push forward through some dietary changes aimed at clarifying his body AND his mind.

Our biggest problem is that we ADORE FOOD! This is also an obvious problem, clearly displayed, when you take a look at our ever-expanding waistlines. Couple this with all of the issues the boys are experiencing…and it is past time for a change. That is what this journey is all about.

Only five of us are starting out to make these changes, our 23-year-old feels that she doesn’t need/want to get healthy at this time and we accept that. Hopefully, someday, she will see the benefits and get aboard.

For those of us who are proceeding forward, our initial weigh in was a devastating wake up call…together we hit the scales at a massive HALF A TON...coming in at a whopping 1076 pounds, that means that we have a combined goal of 316 pounds to lose!!

We have decided to share our goals, accomplishments, successes and failures with you, in the hope that maybe we will be able to inspire others to take a chance and make a difference in their life as well. PLEASE, if you have stopped in to visit, let us know you were here. We would love to hear your story and/or your thoughts about ours.


Mama V


Three of our four children, pre-paleo. In May of 2012     My husband & I. In April of 2012


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