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Unexpected Roadblock

     One of the reasons we chose to begin our original paleo/primal dietary journey stemmed from the fact that our oldest son had tested as allergic to wheat, oats and mildly to dairy. During our first few months, his food allergy symptoms diminished and we thought that would be the end of it. After some time OFF course, his symptoms have returned. My immediate thought is that the solution would be to just jump back on track and we could straighten him right back out again. However, that is not to be the case.

     Today he went to be retested and along with the old allergies we have a few new ones as well. Peaches, sad but avoidable. Watermelon, boo, as it is one of his favorite foods. Clams, well, he never tried them so he will not know what he is missing. Then came the shockers, moderate allergy to COCONUT and ALMOND.

     Say WHAT???

     Yes, coconuts and almonds. Two very important components of our clean eating habit. Essentially, this means that my carbohydrate craving son can have neither regular bread nor almond or coconut bread. So many of our daily recipes call for these two ingredients. I can easily navigate around the use of coconut oil, I actually prefer avocado oil but to eliminate almonds and almond butter is going to prove to be tricky. 

     What does that mean for us? Well, for the next month per doctor’s orders, neither of these basics will be served from our kitchen. It means digging deeper for alternatives and being willing to try those we find. We can manage that, after all, changing our lifestyle the first time around brought hundreds of new recipes to our table. 

     The good news is that I am sure I have at least one bag of cashew meal in the deep freeze. So, sometime this week we will be attempting to make Cashew Bread! Let the adventure begin!!

Until next time,


Mama V



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