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Day Three

Here we are, day three. Hooray for carbohydrate, sugar, grain withdrawal….NOT! Seriously, who wants to suffer through this? Oh, wait, that would be ME! I do! Well, kind of. What I truly want is for this self-imposed suffering to END and it will. I have survived it numerous times before and I will survive it again. Still,  there is a large part of me, though I dislike to admit it, that is still living in the “instant gratification” mindset. Making the return to the healthier me is difficult because it takes SO LONG to see results. I am making better choices again, so let’s see the results! So far, nothing…but that is to be expected. Why do we do that to ourselves? It is unnecessary and yet we all do it, we get frustrated so easily. Patience my friends, the results are on the way. The hubby and kiddos are off to a slower start and are not transitioned back to paleo/primal eating. I know they will get there but part of me is a little bit jealous, just a little part. Let them have their last few indulgences here at home, for now. I am just a little bit ahead of them and I know that when those results start to show it will be easier to get them back to it. Our goal for the boys this time around is a little different, being that they are 14 and 16. We have less “control” over their meals that ever before and this presents battles that, honestly, are not worth fighting. They are expected to be 100% on board when at home beginning next week. When at school, with friends, at church or camp etc. we have given them control over their food choices. It remains to be seen how they will fare with this bit of independence but I have faith in them. I have spent more time in the kitchen this week than I have in months. I still struggle with finding time to balance meal planning, shopping and preparation with a full-time job, full-time college, running the youth group and the never ending list of other obligations. However, it has felt SO GOOD to get back to it and I am determined to stick with it. I just have to keep reminding myself to take it one meal at a time. =o) Until next time… Blessings, Mama V


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