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Day One is Over and Done…

     Whew! We survived clean eating day one, again! I do not know why, but it gets harder and harder to ‘start over’ after we stray for any length of time. I have researched health, wellness and food choices enough to know that the foods most Americans are eating are unhealthy, addicting and dangerous, yet I continually find myself amazed at the hold unhealthy food has over us individually.  

     It is not difficult to prepare healthy, clean meals at home. It is more not time-consuming. It is not more expensive. So, what is our fascination with junk food and drive ins? Is it simply that by dinner time we are so exhausted from our chaotic, over scheduled lives that we find it more appealing to grab fast, unhealthy, drive-thru fare? Are we brain washed into thinking that, “it’s okay, just this once” but we forget that ‘just this once’ has happened three out of the previous four days?

     While I believe that the above to be somewhat true, I also believe that we are conditioned into relying on others to feed us. Long gone are the days when the norm was for a family to gather, in their home, around the dinner table at a specific time, with everyone expected to be there. 

     In choosing the “easy route” for obtaining our meals, we are missing out on so much more. Our connection to nature via our food is slipping away. Precious moments spent in the kitchen with family members, creating memories that last a lifetime, are slipping away. Connections to our family, our children, grandchildren and even neighbors are slipping away as we choose to dine in our cars or in front of the television.

      When I reflect upon my favorite childhood memories, they all center on food preparation and meals shared with family and friends. I shudder to think what memories will be most precious to my children, for we have moved out of the kitchen into the drive-thru. Is is not time to reclaim our food choices, our health and, most importantly our families?

     I believe it is time for me to head to the Farmer’s Market to select some good clean foods to prepare with my children this evening. Who knows. maybe I will invite some friends to join us as well. After all, life is short. We can choose to let it slip away or we can choose to spend it around the dinner table with those who mean the most to us. Either way, the choice is yours. What are you waiting for?


Mama V


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