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Trial and Error and Error and….

Well, you get the point. We have strayed far, far, away from our paleo/primal journey in the last year. I am not going to regurgitate the laundry list of ‘reasons’ we have allowed to hinder our journey. We made choices, POOR choices, that have resulted in our regression back to where we began two years ago. 

We have decided to chalk it up to lessons learned and begin afresh. What we discovered during the past two years is that the type of foods we eat MATTER. Portion control alone is not the answer for our family. The types of foods we put into our bodies make a difference, not just in body size but also in our general health, mental health and overall well-being. 

Arthritis, gout, pre-diabetes, migraines, intestinal/gut issues, depression, manic episodes, autistic ‘symptoms”, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, this list could go on and on. These have returned with a vengeance even though we had alleviated (or in some cases, ELIMINATED) them during our previous primal/paleo journey. Each of us balanced our body chemistry only to let it return to their previous chaotic state a short time later. 

Our poor choices end here and the good news is that we can correct the damage that we have done. Our garden has been planted and until we are ready to harvest, the local farmer’s markets are filled to abundance with fresh organic produce and grass fed, free range meats. We are looking forward to reconnecting to nature and to ourselves.

Today, we begin again, again. 


Mama V



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