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Getting back to it….

Well, by that I mean the blogging part of it all. As a family we have stuck to our lifestyle change and are doing quite well. This mom has lost 78 pounds total and dad has lost 50. The children are finding the Primal life a bit more challenging now that they are back to school and tempted at every turn. The good news is that while their losses have slowed, they are maintaining and not gaining. I know that they are healthier and witness them making the right choices often, given that they are 13, 15, and 20…I am still one proud mama. 

After eight months of meat and plant eating, we have discovered that our biggest challenge is access to the foods we WANT to put on our plates. Southeastern Appalachian Kentucky does NOT offer a variety of shopping options and even the more urban areas a devoid of what we are looking for, especially in the winter. 

As we try to eat based on seasonal crops, we have made a shift to increased amounts of citrus fruits, broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, parsnips, cabbage, pears, kiwi, brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes (yum). Not only do we get the best of the season, these are priced right this time of year. Soups and stews simmer almost daily, making me ever so glad to have found a “bread” to go with them.

Yes, bread! Gluten-free, yeast-free, GRAIN-free, BREAD! Watch the recipe page to learn more. While I only allow this once or twice a month, it is a wonderful treat on a cold winter day and the perfect accompaniment to any soup especially one of the beef vegetable variety. 

Food has become an adventure in our home as we continue to incorporate new items into our repertoire, surprisingly parsnips were a hit, and our perspective is changing all the time.  What an eye opening, taste bud thrilling journey this has become. Until next time….


Mama V




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