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Okay, so I know that it has been a while since I posted and I apologize, Summer has been crammed with activities and family time and, after all, it’s quality time with loved ones that matters most in this life. That said, school begins this week for my boys, sigh! I truly cannot believe that the longest summer vacation we have had in YEARS is coming to an end. Someone slow down the clock….please…just not today! Today I wish the minutes would race past with a vengeance. Which brings me to the subject at hand.

I am starving…is it Sunday yet? Though I know we are close, we are not quite there. I guess I should tell you that I have not eaten anything since last Wednesday and that was barely half a meal all day (which is another story entirely). Had I know that would be my last meal for about 85 hours, I may have eaten more, but alas I was clueless.

How does one end up in this predicament? Why through one’s spouse, of course!

Here’s how it played out, Wednesday night after church my husband announced that he had decided to begin a three-day fast. A prayerful journey with God to glean some peace and clarity over some issues that our family is facing at the moment. What a wonderfully devoted family man I married, good for him. Really, I meant that sincerely, until…unfortunately…

Guilt ate at me all evening and into the next morning and by dinner time on Thursday, I still hadn’t eaten either, not because I planned it that way but because I couldn’t access any food that met our new standards. This coupled with some solitary prayer led me to make the decision that if my husband thought this was important for our family, well then, gosh darn it I had better stand with him. (Or kill him for it!)

Day one was nearly over before I made this decision, not too difficult overall. Day two, however, really brought the challenges, invitations to lunch with co-workers were carefully dodged and I survived better than anticipated. Once home again, I could at least escape to the solitude of my bedroom/office to distract myself.

By early morning on day three, today, I was ready to throw in the proverbial towel and ransack the refrigerator,this struggle has endured all day, and I am sure will continue in to the morning when we finally plan to break our fast before heading out to church.

Let me tell you, fasting is tough, especially when you still have to cook for the kids and nephew that is visiting from out of town. I am not complaining, this was a voluntary trial and it is serving me well, but still, it is more challenging than I ever dreamed.

What I want to share with you is some of the thoughts that are keeping me going.

1. I have lost five pounds in three days and I am VERY well hydrated! Woo Hoo! GO ME!

2. There is a nineteen-year old, beautiful young lady in our church who has spent MONTHS not being able to keep food down. She was in the hospital, going without food for DAYS too, when we began this. My heart aches for her suffering, a little part of me is doing this for her, even though she will probably never know that.

3. After grocery shopping today, I had prepare food for a fellowship meal at church tomorrow, ( bowls and bowls of food, UGH! Yet, not one bite passed these lips =D ) I literally could hear my stomach growl over the radio. So I turned down the music and turned to God. During my prayer, I needed to suppress the urge to complain about the wracking, physical PAIN I was experiencing. I never realized before how hunger truly felt and prolonged hunger SUCKS! Just when I thought I could not do this for another minute, the epiphany hit, 80 percent of our planet’s population experiences THIS FEELING on a DAILY basis, 1 in 5 AMERICAN children go to bed at night feeling how I do right now. If that is not humbling and motivational, I do not know what is.

I will easily get through this hunger that I bestowed upon myself remembering that so many suffer because they have NO FOOD at all and prospects for that changing in the near future are grim at best.

To answer my earlier question; Is it Sunday yet? No, not yet, but Sunday is coming and if I so choose, I can eat again. However, I think I may just wait another day of two before I break this fast. I know a homeless family or two that will certainly benefit from my portions better than I ever could.

Anyone care to join me??


Mama V


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