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Our First Big Challenge

Eating away from home represents unique challenges for us as we continue to seek out healthy food choices that maintain the Paleo lifestyle. Having discovered that there are few good restaurant choices and virtually no fast food options available to us, we see food differently than ever before and we are learning to better plan ahead and pack our meals when required. Still, we found ourselves in predicament of a different sort recently.

 Summertime, the kids are out of school, plenty of fresh produce is available and we are content to spend plenty of much needed time together as a family. One of our favorite summer activities is Vacation Bible School and this year is no different. We arrived geared up and ready to serve; and serve we did. Promptly my daughter and I went to work…in the kitchen! Fortunately, no hands on preparations were required. A local agency provided “nutritious” bagged meals for each child. These consisted of a piece of ham and a slice of American cheese nestled between two fat slices of spongy, white bread, a bag of chips, an apple, an orange juice and a chocolate milk.

Tempting? Not so much!

Our new mindset kept us adults from ‘suffering’ withdrawal, but for the boys it was a much different story. Not only are they struggling to make the right choices but they also have to contend with peer pressure and image. They had to take the whole sack meal; the donating organization states this is mandatory, to a table full of boys who know nothing of our dietary restrictions. Impressively and without hesitation, both boys dug through their bags, pulled out the sandwiches, chips and chocolate milk, which were deposited enthusiastically on the “sharing table” for others to take if they were hungry.   They eagerly bit into their apples, looked over to where my daughter and I were standing and grinned from ear to ear with self-gratification.

This Mama is so very proud of her boys.


One comment on “Our First Big Challenge

  1. Congratulations to your boys for exhibiting such a strong commitment to the team effort!!! You have every right to be a proud mama!

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