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Great News!!

We had an appointment with our son’s psychiatrist today, (Yes, on a Sunday). With a bit of trepidation we explained that we had recently “gone paleo” and were pleasantly surprised when she responded positively. Not only is she supportive, she is familiar with what we are trying to do and she has done some research herself, out of personal curiosity.

This research, of which we were already aware, theorizes that when it comes to mental illness, eating a paleo diet often reduces or eliminates all negative symptoms. Allowing for patients to stop medications. It also shows that if a test subject returns to eating non-paleo foods, the symptoms of mental illness return rapidly. 

This is one of the main reasons we contemplated making these dramatic, though simple, changes to our lifestyle in the first place. I have to admit it was wonderful to have a medical professional willing to back up our decision and confirm that we were doing the right thing. Not that we ever doubted it. 


Mama V


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