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So, here we are nine days into our Paleo life and what I miss most is my coffee. Don’t misunderstand me. I drink coffee every morning (still not ready to ditch caffeine completely). What I miss is MY coffee. You know the super sweet, vanilla cream laden, artificial ‘goodness’ that use to tickle my brain into awareness each morning, afternoon and evening. Ahhhh…memories.

I hear that the bolder the coffee, the less caffeine it has AND the smoother the flavor. Guess I am off to the store, for if I have to drink my coffee black, I am going to find a way to enjoy it again. At least until I am ready to give it up…which may be soon if I cannot find an improvement to this bitter cup o’ joe I am sipping on now.

Ideas? Anyone?


Mama V


One comment on “Java…Java…Java…..(sigh)

  1. ok.. So it has a busy week and I just had a chance to see what this “page” is about. I’M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! My start date was April 16th and it has made a HUGE difference. I’m no Gina Raimondi (I’ve had quite a few “cheats”), but I always come back to “the good life”….the Paleo life! If you are through the first week, you are through “detox”. From here on out it is just the change in habit. If you “slip”…just jump right back on!! I’m so excited for your healthy journey! Oh…and shame on Dess!! She may look good on the outside…but the inside is what keeps you alive and healthy! Jump on this wagon too, my dear!! Love you all!

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