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Let the Journey Begin!

Welcome to Primal Bites!

I have spent an amazing amount of time, energy and money looking for ways to lose weight and get healthy over the past few years. Some even worked, I managed to lose 30 pounds, with some help from Herbalife, and surely would have continued to lose more as it is an awesome product. Unfortunately, I woke up one morning not too long ago and realized something that would mark the beginning of change in our household, something that not everyone here is enthusiastic about. What had been staring me in the face and had gone unnoticed for far too long is that WE ARE A FAT FAMILY. We are not a little heavy, we are unhealthy, out of shape and entering the danger zone.

I have acknowledged for a long time that I had a weight problem, honestly I am in the obese range, but despite the ever rising weight of my children; I was blinded to the fact that little by little everyone in the house was rapidly approaching maximum density. Time for a change.

So fast forward a bit, (about a month actually) after I scoured the web, library, and talked to more people than I can remember, we chose an official start date. June 1.  By this time I had stumbled upon the “Paleo diet”, and it made sense to me, eliminate all of the “junk” in our diets and replace it with healthy, nutritious “back to basics” food. You know, the kind of food God intended for humans to consume in the first place.

Having made this discovery I charged forward to begin our transition, struggling to get my husband and children on board with our new lifestyle, yes lifestyle. This is NOT a diet designed to be cast aside once we achieve our goals. This is a permanent change for our family and with two adolescent boys in the picture,  it promises to be an interesting journey…I hope you will return to share it with us.


Mama V


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