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Our First Big Challenge

Eating away from home represents unique challenges for us as we continue to seek out healthy food choices that maintain the Paleo lifestyle. Having discovered that there are few good restaurant choices and virtually no fast food options available to us, we see food differently than ever before and we are learning to better plan […]

Spaghetti Night Paleo Style

One of the foods that I believe we were all a little afraid to try was spaghetti squash. All of us have texture issues when it comes to these beautiful little fruits. The general consensus is that it’s string, mushy and just plain awful. Numerous prior attempts to incorporate zucchini, non-dessert pumpkin, acorn or yellow squash into […]

Great News!!

We had an appointment with our son’s psychiatrist today, (Yes, on a Sunday). With a bit of trepidation we explained that we had recently “gone paleo” and were pleasantly surprised when she responded positively. Not only is she supportive, she is familiar with what we are trying to do and she has done some research […]


So, here we are nine days into our Paleo life and what I miss most is my coffee. Don’t misunderstand me. I drink coffee every morning (still not ready to ditch caffeine completely). What I miss is MY coffee. You know the super sweet, vanilla cream laden, artificial ‘goodness’ that use to tickle my brain into […]


Okay, so I expected some challenges to this new journey of ours, but seriously…who texts you the Taco Bell menu, one item at a time, while you are struggling and trying to satisfy your late night cravings with new primal choices?? My eldest daughter, that’s who! Ugh! I would like to wring her little, non-paleo […]

Let the Journey Begin!

Welcome to Primal Bites! I have spent an amazing amount of time, energy and money looking for ways to lose weight and get healthy over the past few years. Some even worked, I managed to lose 30 pounds, with some help from Herbalife, and surely would have continued to lose more as it is an […]